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2014 Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention

"The Bridge Club" Synopsis

The Bridge Club meets every Saturday, rotating from house to house. The hard workers relax and talk about their lives, loves, and current affairs while playing cards. The real game, though, is in the repartee they use as a side diversion, a battle of intelligence, words, and "one-upmanship." They have many things in common; the biggest is a secret that they have passed down from generation to generation as far back as America is old.

The principal characters are a lawyer and his wife. He takes on the case of a woman with many issues. The worst being that she feels that he has used and scorned her. All hell breaks loose, as life, money, and decorum are lost.

In the investigation a long time member tells the club's secret. He breaks the code, and the real dirty secrets come out. Murder, verbal and physical assaults abound

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Format: Kindle Edition
For an unforgettable journey into have got to get this book! Once you do though be sure to buckle up and enjoy the ride. I guarantee you will be intrigued the entire time, and thoroughly entertained when its all over. This is one of those books that will keep you up into the wee-hours of the night just to finish it! Or, at-least it did for me, and I’m more of the romantic novels kind-of girl. Fans of historical fiction will be delighted with this book, and those who don’t normally read this genre will quickly become fans! I was completely hooked from the first page and had to know the SECRET crawling around this bunch! Very well written, I really enjoyed the different elements within “The Bridge Club”. From its on-going suspense, to its historical flow, they all perfectly mesh.


Book Review by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite -

The Bridge Club by H.M. Edwards is a fascinating look into generations of America, and a crime that can haunt families through decades. The Bridge Club meets on Saturdays. They share their lives over the cards, but one of the things they share is a dark secret that has been handed down their family since America has been newly born. Their conversation? Fascinating. The topics? Deadly. This was a combination of an old school "who done it" and a modern thriller. Very twisted plot turns and big reveals leave you shaken and gripping your pages (or in my case Kindle) with white knuckles and wanting more when the book has finished. It's a good old classic American tale of corruption, friendship, betrayal, and of! There was some violence in the book, but it added rather than distracted from the character and plot development.

I absolutely love historical fiction, particularly the underrepresented awesomeness that is America during the 1900s. Yes, it's not as romantic as Regency or Highland type novels...but it's got a unique flavor and an intricacy that weaves crime, family, and dedication together in such interesting ways! H.M. Edwards is very talented. I loved the writing style which was able to blend together both a kind of gritty melodrama, and a fascinating look into character development. It's so real, and the descriptions are spot on with just enough elaboration to stay relevant without waxing too poetic. The Bridge Club was a great read and I will most definitely be looking for more from Edwards.

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