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It's Not Personal  (The Baggage You Bring)

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Michelle Dubanc, tennis pro, is told that she must go undercover for the CIA against her former captor Carlos Estefan, a notorious cartel and drug lord. She grapples with the choice to submit or suffer under Dr. Solomon Warshawsky, her neighbor, after the mysterious deaths of family and friends.


Holding over her the desire to find the truth about their deaths she complies. While trying to free herself she gets tangled up in money laundering, drug deals, mid-air disaster, and a potpourri of characters.


With her wit, attributes, and baggage she winds her way through South America, Mexico, and Europe. Will she get enough help from associates, protection because of her lover, divine intervention, or pure luck to be free to continue to compete on the tennis tour again or retire without disgrace?



Did you prepare to live to one hundred? And, do you have a relationship, a good enough relationship, that someone will take care of you when you can’t take care of yourself, such as lift you in and out of a wheelchair to the toilet to bed, feed you, wipe you, change your diapers, and who doesn’t mind getting thrown-up on, messed on, wet on, cursed out, and worst of all, has forgotten you and all the reasons of why you’re helping them?

The true harsh reality of life is that we start off in diapers and end up in diapers.  Because of the nuances of caregiving and trying to live for yourself and being a kind person, you take on the task of caregiving, an agape of life. God, tears, prayers, and a few other suggestions found in this book will help you not only get through caregiving but not count yourself in the category of needing help afterwards.


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H. M. is a writer, and has been a consultant in tennis, a professional and college coach, and tennis pro.  Having worked on her doctorate in Psychology, she has lectured in that field as well as Corrections.  She has flown privately, and is working on her new novels, "The Baggage You Bring," and "Without Compromise."

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