By H. M. Edwards

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                      COULD IT BE YOUR NEIGHBOR




Screeching to a halt at an intersection in time, two lives slam into each other.  Say it was fate, bad luck or, or just plain manipulation; the end result is pain.  Is your neighbor a good neighbor or a bad neighbor?  Do they let their dog out on your yard, drop trash, have that all too often party late into the night with loud, no very loud music, and have that tree that, oops, was planted past their property line?


The neighbors think that he is a crank, and the dowdy CIA operative thinks that he is being spied on by his neighbors, or foreign operatives.  So he becomes obsessed with whatever nonsensical and everyday occurrence thinking it is something more. 


Under the same guise as things are not as they seem, or maybe they are, a tennis pro who was accused of killing her husband by an ex-wife tries to clear her name using the man she had an affair with, who just happened to be her husband’s best friend.

 She moves into a neighborhood and muddles through this period of her life and extended criminal

process going back to school and playing tennis during breaks.  To her chagrin she finds out that her new neighbor is also her professor who holds her new career in check as a psychologist.  As things progress, she realizes that he is a CIA agent who wants to engage her in a match, a match for information, her best friend, and the friend’s fortune and family secrets.


While playing in South America, she meets an all too nice sponsor, or hanger-on, enamored by her multicultural background, looks, and education.  As a novelty, he involves her in his life which seems so nice at first glance.  However, true to life, things aren’t what they seem, and he turns out to be an insecure and power-crazed individual. 


Mysterious accidents and bizarre incidents begin to happen to her and her loved ones.  Instead of tennis she must play a new game, trying to outwit a user under the guise of being neighborly and American, another who is quite brazen, and one she can’t figure out; as she tries to avert mishaps to herself and those she loves, and most importantly to stay alive. 


After the deaths of her parents and best friend’s husband and mother, she decides to tease her neighbor to buy time.  She is hounded and manipulated to get involved in his plans, and only succumbs when tragedy mounts and her two friends turn their back on her to deal with their own dramas and losses.  She says her farewells to all, and decides to cooperate fully up with her neighbor, ex-Professor, and now boss.