By H. M. Edwards

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                B. L. T. - BASKETBALL, LOVE, & TENNIS



What do you want out of life?


Michelle Dubanc and Christopher Harvard meet briefly over the summer, and their friendship continues to grow when they meet again at college in Louisiana.  As athletes fighting off racism and the stereotype of the “dumb jock,” their attraction grows as they interact with Christopher’s teammates, Jordan, Mike, and Tank on a small, rural campus.  Sharing a passion for athletics as well as life, Michelle and Chris develop a bond that will soon endure more than either could ever imagine.


Both athletes turn pro and realize their love for each other and their sport, but the price of success and fame impact Michelle and Christopher differently as they commit to each other.  Women and fame go to Chris’ head.  Outside influences, the stress of professional athletics, internal strife, their outlooks on life, and different means to the same end strain their marriage and careers.  After a series of entanglements, arguments, public incidents, and a forced miscarriage, the couple break up, and their careers flourish.  But there is much more in store for Michelle and Chris as they travel down a winding road of sports, fame, love, and ultimately death.