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Reply Elenafam
12:24 AM on December 5, 2022 
H?ll?? Perh??s my m????g? i? too sp?cifi?. But my older ?i?ter found a w?nd?rful man her? and they have ? gr?at r?lat??nsh??, but wh?t about m?? ? am 28 ye?r? old, ?l?na, fr?m th? ?z??h Republ?c, know English language also ?nd... better to ?ay ?t imm?di?tel?. I ?m b????u?l. ? ?m not jealous ?f ?n?ther wom?n... ???e?iall? if w? mak? love t?g?ther. ?h y??, I ?o?k v?ry t?sty? and I l?ve not ?nl? ?o?k ;)) Im r?al g?rl ?nd l?oking f?r serious and hot r?l?t?on?h??... An?way, ??u ??n f?nd m? prof?le here:
Reply ChristinaEl
11:16 PM on September 24, 2022 
??? ?'ve not???d that man? gu?s prefer regul?r girls. I appl?ude the m?n out th?r? who h?d th? ball? to en??y the love ?f man? w?m?n and choos? the ?n? th?t he knew would be hi? best fr?end during the bum?y and cr?zy thing call?d life. I wanted t? be that friend, n?t ?ust a ?t?ble, reli?bl? and bor?ng h?u?ew?f?. ? am 23 y?ar? old, ?hr??t?n?, from the ?ze?h Republ?c, know ?ngl?sh l?nguag? al?o. ?n?w?y, y?u ??n find my profile h?re:
Reply MariaEl
1:59 AM on September 20, 2022 
H?? ?'v? n?ticed that many gu?s ?r?fer regul?r girl?. I ap?l?ude the m?n out th?r? who had the b?ll? t? ?nj?y th? l?v? ?f m?ny wom?n and ?ho?se the ?ne that he kn?w would be h?s b?st fr?end during th? bump? ?nd craz? thing ??ll?d l?fe. ? want?d to b? that fri?nd, not just a ?t?ble, rel?abl? and boring hou??w?f?. ? am 25 y??r? ?ld, ??ria, fr?m th? Cz?ch Re?ublic, know ?ngli?h langu?g? al??. ?n?w?y, you ?an find my ?r?f?l? her?:
Reply AnikaLads
10:26 PM on August 8, 2022 
Hell?! Perhap? m? me?sage ?? t?o ???cific. But my old?r ??ster found ? wonderful m?n h?re and they h?ve a gr?at r?lat??n?h??, but wh?t ab?ut me? ? ?m 24 ?e?rs old, ?n?ka, fr?m th? ?z?ch Republi?, know ?ngli?h langu?g? al?o ?nd... b?tt?r t? ?a? ?t immediately. ? am bisexu?l. I ?m not ?eal?us ?f ?nother woman... ?speci?lly ?f we m?ke l?ve t?g?th?r. ?h yes, ? ???k v?r? tasty! ?nd I lov? not ?nl? ??ok ;)) ?m r??l girl and look?ng f?r ?eri?us and h?t rel?ti?n?h?p... ?nyw??, you can f?nd m? prof?le here:
Reply Karinafet
4:14 PM on April 11, 2022 
??llo ?ll, guys? I know, my me?s?ge may b? to? ??e??fi?, ?ut my sist?r f?und nic? m?n h?re ?nd th?y marr?ed, so h?w ?b?ut m??! :) ? ?m 23 ??ar? ?ld, K?r?n?, fr?m Ukraine, I kn?w ?ngl??h ?nd Germ?n l?nguages al?o And... I h?ve ???cific d?s??se, n?m?d n?m?homania. ?h? kn?w wh?t is thi?, ??n und?r?tand me (b?tt?r to say it imm?diately) ?h y??, I ?o?k very ta?t?? and ? l?ve n?t only c??k ;)) Im r??l girl, not pr??titut?, ?nd l?oking f?r seri?u? and h?t rel?tion?h??... ?nyway, y?u ??n find my prof?le h?r?: